Top of the Crops

Another busy old week for us which included a trip for me to the Tower of London Superbloom which was gorgeous but might be a bit more ‘in bloom’ in a couple of weeks if you’re thinking of going.
It was however a beautiful day, and it seems like the sun is finally out which means it’s time to show off a little ankle! Cropped (3/4 or 7/8) trousers are always a wardrobe staple for us at Bakou and they work all year round as they look as good with an ankle boot as they do with sandals or trainers. They also work well with short or long tops or even dresses. Everyone needs crops in their Summer armoury! And I know some of you love our crop trousers as they mean no alterations 😊
We have a huge selection of different looks and price points for you to choose from. There’s definitely something for everyone.

The Top Ten Countdown…

New into this week’s top 10 at No 10 are the cotton denim crops from Robell. We did these last year but they never made it on to the website. They proved to be very popular in the shop as the fabric is soft and feels and looks a bit like a stretch Chino. The cotton content makes them comfy and breathable for hotter days.

No 10

Robell cotton denim crops – black, navy, khaki

No 9

For some  snazzy Summer fun, add a pair of patterned crop leggings to your Summer line up. Coming in at No 9.

Doris Streich abstract crop leggings
Doris Streich brushstroke crop leggings
Doris Streich hummingbird crop leggings

No 8

Next up we have the Kasbah wider legged jersey Palayas in a variety of colours. At only £35 these are a sure fire hit with everyone.

Kasbah Palaya crops – aquakiwililac (also available in black, white and navy)

No 7

In at No 7, a possible one hit wonder, unless they produce them again, are the amazing See You frayed crop jeans – £140. Amazing, super stretch, supremely soft denim. Utterly divine…but there aren’t many left so grab them while you can if we still have your size!

No 6

Staying at No 6 are the Mona Lisa lightweight crops. These have come from nowhere in the last couple of years but are creeping up the charts due to their comfort, stretch and breathability factors…not to mention the pockets (oh how we love a pocket!).

Mona Lisa lightweight crops – navy and black 

No 5

No 5 sees a steady useful wardrobe addition of plain 7/8 leggings from Via Appia. At only £45, they are available in handy, everyday colours to go with much of your wardrobe.

Via Appia leggings – navy, black and khaki

No 4

At No 4 there are the annual linen winners. Kasbah never fails to have a hit with their Penny linen crops in black or white.

No 3

At No 3 this season we have a variety of funky Robell patterned crops.

Robell Black and white check crops 
Robell Striped crops – blues
Robell spot crops – black or navy

No 2

Always a strong showing for these little beauties, the Robell turn up crops (7/8), remain at No 2 in the crop charts. Available in a variety of fabulous colours.

Robell Turn up crops fuchsiaturquoise and navy, (also available in black, white, khaki, aqua)

No 1

And keeping their No 1 spot for around the 10th year running… K J Brand Wash & Go crops are the greatest trousers made for Summer! We are very very low in sizes and despite my best efforts to get more stock, it’s not happening. So if we don’t have your size in the crop but we do in the full length trousers, I’d suggest getting those and having them shortened.

K J Brand Wash & Go crops – denimmint and sliver

Get in quickly as we are rapidly running out of sizes in everything. It’s been a bit busy!
Make an appointment to come and see us on 020 8947 9797 or send an email or place an order online and we will get your goodies out to you as soon as we can.
Stay safe and well ladies.