Final Reductions! Don’t Miss Out!

Well, I’m up and about and back at it again! Huge thanks to Cathy and Sam who held the fort and worked very hard to cover me during my incarceration! Not easy to keep on top of everything in the shop and online but they’ve done a great job.
I have been looking at some stunning collections for next Spring over the last few weeks! So exciting even though it messes with one’s brain when you’re gearing up for the gorgeous Autumn arrivals! No wonder I can never focus on one thing at a time!
So this is a brief one (phew, I know!). Just more reductions, clearing the decks! We do try to get things sent out on the day you order but it’s not always possible, apologies, especially as things do get very busy on the day these emails go out. We process everything as quickly as we can but we also have to get to the post office and sometimes it’s not always possible on the day. Thank you for your patience. Not exactly rivalling Amazon at this point 😊


Angel Circle fish pattern tunic

Masai Natalia tunic

Frandsen studded mac


Orientique Las Palmas

Pont Neuf Rina 

Q’neel spot dress

 Masai Gertie

Angel Circle sundress

Mona Lisa block jacket 

Don’t miss out!

Amazing bargains but stocks are dwindling fast so don’t miss out on your favourites!

If you want to have a good look through everything then do give us a call on 020 89479797 or email to book an appointment to pay us a visit. Always lovely to see you in the shop, or just browse the bargains online.

Stay safe and sane!


All clothes massively reduced!

And finally…