Bargains galore!

I hope you’re all recovering from the disappointment of last weekend? Very sad for the nation, and although I’m not a footie lover in any way, shape or form, even I thought the team was magnificent and thoroughly enjoyed the game. The tennis was extraordinary as well! What a brilliant display of talent from both players. Sunday was definitely an exciting one (as long as you like sport of course!).

Moving on, as we must do in this life, I thought you might need a bit of a boost so look what we have here…


Here’s just a taster but click here to see the full sale range

Orientique Granada 

Grizas Uneven shirt – patterned grey/white 

See You Laser Top

Via Appia Spot top

Pont Neuf Tanja jacket

Angel Circle sundresses

Mona Lisa Lightweight crops – French navy only

Robell Lena ladder crops

Q’neel Block lines dress

 K J Brand Swirl shirt 

Masai Garnetta tunic 

Doris Streich Long Striped shirt 

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Looking forward to seeing you soon. Don’t miss out on your faves as sizes are very limited.
Stay safe and sane!