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Time to Lose the Loungewear!

September 21, 2020

It’s time to lose the loungewear and ditch the dressing gowns! As everyone is starting to venture back out into the big wide world a bit more now, even if it’s just to the hairdressers, it’s nice to start getting back our ‘normal’ routines and doing the things that make us feel better about ourselves.

As no one ever notices if my hair has been cut or not, I figured I’d wait until the rush is over, so I’m not booked in until the end of the month. I will just continue to cultivate my ‘look’ – a cross between Crystal Tips, a Cocker Spaniel and Brian May (the early days!).

Check out those fabulous luscious curls, wow Hagrid, what a beard

But as we all start facing the rest of humanity, becoming slightly more sociable (even if we didn’t rush to the pub at the weekend), and going back to work, we can’t get away with being quite as ‘feral’ as we may have become in recent months!

We have many gorgeous options in the shop for a simple way to dress up just a little bit without feeling over-dressed; just add to black or white trousers or crops and away you go!

Doris Streich Snake print top (black/white) and Animal print top (yellow/black), both £100 look stunning with black or white as do all the Grizas silk and linen tunics (£165). The Doris Streich tunics are 100% breathable, soft viscose and the natural fibres of the silk and linen crinkle tunics make them fantastic to wear in any temperature and for any occasion. They are always the most well-worn items in my wardrobe in any season.

It doesn’t take much to style up and feel sassier and ready to take on the world again…slowly but surely…baby steps!

Hope to see more of you soon. I was thrilled to be able to welcome Gail back in the shop last week, lovely to see her after all this time, and it’s great to have some help again. Either one of us will be delighted to help you and don’t worry about planning ahead too much on the appointment front. We can usually work something out on the day if you’re feeling spontaneous! Call or email me for an appointment.

We are now open by appointment, hurrah!

And Lastly…

The worst thing about returning to bars is the standard 150ml measure of wine compared to the measure my home bar offers!

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