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Life is full of disappointments!

September 21, 2020
So it’s been a mixed bag for me recently. Back in July I ordered a multi coloured buddleia bush for my sister’s birthday which was in August.

It arrived last week! After waiting for over 2 months, I had to email the company to say I was rather hoping it would be slightly less dead. I don’t like to complain, but I have to saythat the expectation rather exceeded the reality.

Conversely, I took advantage of the extraordinary Indian Summer weather on Monday, my second day off since March (yep yep, get those violins out!) and the fact that my favourite pub had reopened. We headed off to visit the crystal clear waters of the River Itchen and indulge in a fabulous lunch in the sunshine. The hound was in seventh heaven…as was I! On this occasion I believe reality thoroughly exceeded expectation 😊

I very much hope that reality will at least equal, if not exceed, expectation if you come to visit us to see the new stunning Autumn collection. It’s not all on the website yet as it does take considerable time to get it all on there (and naughty me lost a day ☹) but it will be there very soon and here’s a little taster, just to give you a feel for all the gorgeousness that awaits your appointment!

Do please call 020 8947 9797 or email to book in to come and have a look for yourself. It’s been very well received so far and we’re already short of a few pieces. There are still plenty of sale bargains to be had, so don’t miss out on those either!

Take care ladies. Stay safe and sane.

And Lastly…

"Why fit in, when you were born to stand out!”

Anna Wintour
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