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It’s the little things in life…

September 21, 2020

Great excitement over the weekend a visit to my favourite garden centre, Garsons Farm! I never thought that this would be the highlight of my month but here I am; and it’s not just because of Lockdown, it’s because I really, truly, genuinely LOVE it there! To make this outing even more special, I was even able to introduce a friend to it. More excitement! She loved it too I’m pleased to say.

’m not a good gardener and have absolutely no idea what I’m doing to be honest, but my chap knows ‘stuff’ and I’m good at taking instruction (only where the garden is concerned 😊). Gardening isn’t really great for my crappy back though, so there’s only so much I can do.

I do however know that many of you are really keen, and seriously good, gardeners as I’ve been privileged to see a lot of your gardens on my delivery excursions during this strange old time. So many of you have stunning gardens/pots/hanging baskets and you’ve really inspired me to try harder in my garden. I shall keep on trying to achieve greater things and to keep more green things alive as our gardens can give us so much joy and pleasure and keep us smiling when times are hard which is something we’ve all learned to appreciate recently. It’s the little things in life that are so important and those of us with a bit of outdoor space are truly blessed.

To help keep the smiles coming as we continue to slowly emerge from this bizarre time in our lives, this week I’m offering you, my fabulous customers, 30% off ALL (full price) Grizas and Doris Streich clothing until Wednesday 29th July. Both these brands offer truly stunning styles and fabrics that are fabulously comfortable, wearable and adaptable.

I have also reduced many of the sale items to down to 50% off as well as adding some more pieces to the sale at 30%. Check out the website to see the reductions.

Not everything is on the website so if you want to come and see for yourself, don’t forget to give me a call  or email me to book an appointment. I am still doing a lot of mail order and I still have plenty of masks for you or your friends so do give me a call if you need some. It looks as though they are here to stay for a while unfortunately.

Looking forward to seeing more of you very soon

Stay safe and well.

And Lastly…

“I’m not aging, I just need repotting”

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