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It's life Jim, but not as we know it!

September 21, 2020

Oh dear, as you can see all that stargazing has made me go all trekky!

Great excitement this week… Grizas have started producing leopard print masks. I’ve been asking them from the start of all this and finally I can tell you, they will be beamed down very shortly (within the week!). We will have them in both brown and blue leopard. I’m now also stocking the dusty pink as I had a few enquiries for those but I have limited stock and we’ll see how that goes.

The bad news is that they’ve increased their prices so the masks will now be £10 each. This is actually the same as all other stockists have been charging up until now so they’re still good value. I am still donating £1 to The Dons Local Action Group (on my way to the next £500) and I would also really love pics of you/your friends/family wearing your Bakou masks. I’d love to do a big collage but I need more pics… pretty please!

The other exciting news is the arrival of three very lovely Kasbah Tokyo tunics with button detail on the neckline. Gorgeous colours; orange, denim blue and sage green. Fabulous transitional pieces for this time of year with the signature Kasbah flair and style that we all love.

We are starting to receive all the stock for the new season but I don’t have pics yet. I’m looking at trying to organise a photo shoot with real, live people in September so hopefully there will be images very soon! If not, I’ll get some mannequin images ASAP!

It’s all go go go here as I’m now buying for next Spring as well but as all the shows have been cancelled, everyone is finding different ways to exhibit. Yet another challenge in these tricky times but I will make sure there will be more gorgeous goodies for next Spring/Summer which will, hopefully, be very different from this year for all of us!

Come and have a look at all the new arrivals as well as the incredible sale bargains as soon as you can. There's a lot to see!

Meanwhile, just for no reason at all other than the fact she’s gorgeous, here’s a picture of the hound cooling off in the recent intolerable heat in her private pool…I don’t have a pool available in the shop but don’t forget we are fully air conditioned so shopping is a pleasure, not a trial!

Stay cool and see you soon! Or should I say, live long and prosper!!!

And Lastly…

“I am not an early bird or a night owl. I am some form of permanently exhausted pigeon.” Unknown

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