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Fantasy or fiction, illusion or delusion

September 21, 2020

I hope everyone is doing well and coping with the change from Summer in the Caribbean to Winter in the Antarctic in the space of just a few short hours?! At least we get to wear a good assortment of clothes – testing times for the wardrobe!

My musings for the week… I have always been fascinated by the Greek and Roman Myths so, at the start of Lockdown, I bought myself a book to try to learn a bit about the subject. Obviously I haven’t got very far with it, as I didn’t realise just how busy I’d be. The book is now staring at me every day and got me thinking about fashion myths which really should be ignored.

I would say that the most common one to rear its head in the shop on a regular basis, is the one that says that horizontal stripes draw the eye across the body, making you appear wider, and vertical stripes draw the eye up and down the body, making you appear longer and leaner.

Believe it or not, a study done by a perception expert at the University of New York found that people don't see others wearing horizontal stripes as heavier - they actually think of them as thinner!

It does however help not to have a large stripe over certain areas. So for me, a wide stripe over my ‘ample bosom’ wouldn’t be a great look, but I generally love an even horizontal stripe pattern and have many of the Kasbah striped pieces, in particular, in my wardrobe.

I loved this little fact: According to Michel Pastoureau’s “The Devil’s Cloth: A History of Stripes”, stripes have a dark past and were often worn by the wicked – the disloyal, the treacherous and the adulterous, which explains why it’s often used as prison uniform.

Another relatively recent perception change in the fashion world has been the mixing of prints and patterns, largely as a result of the revival in vintage clothing. You can be even more daring these days by mixing your stripes with other patterns such as paisleys or plaids - it seems there are no taboos anymore when it comes to mixing and matching prints. Again, I’m a big fan of this look! As I write this I am in fact wearing the Q’neel abstract patterned black/white square t-shirt with the Robell black/white triangle pattern ¾ length Bella trousers. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but I love it!

One fact that will always remain true with fashion is that wearing a good, properly fitting bra will always make a big difference to the look of your clothes. I know I’m struggling on that score right now having put on a few pounds over the last few months so all my bras have become so uncomfortable! Need to get that sorted ASAP!

Covid-19 related cartoon- surprised lady forgot about wearing a bra

The appointment system is working very well and the ladies who have been in are really enjoying having the shop to themselves. I think it allays any fears of having to deal with crowds and is just a very pleasant way to shop. Just give me a call or send an email to book your slot. You don’t necessarily need to plan far in advance. We can usually work something out on the day if the mood strikes!

And Lastly…

Ripping off your mask when you get back in the car is the new taking off your bra when you get home!

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