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Be safe… be stylish!

One of Bakou’s favourite suppliers, Grizas, are producing masks which are more stylish than the ones you see around generally. They consist of 4 layers of natural 100% linen, can be washed up to 100 degrees and are very comfortable with an adjustable strap.

Face mask selection in various colours from Grizas

There are lots of available colours. Bakou will not be stocking colour157.

Black – 17, White – 151, Light Grey – 154, Dark Grey – 150, Light Khaki – 189, Fuchsia – 144, Navy – 184, Teal – 156, Dusty Pink – 155.

White masks can be dyed so you could customise your own mask to a colour of choice. The manufacture did point out that there may be a some shrinkage so be aware.

Floral design face mask
Leopard Blue
Floral design face mask
Leopard Brown
Pink and grey face mask
Pink splat print – P200
Blue and yellow splat mask
Blue and yellow splat print – P123
Floral design face mask
Floral multi coloured print – P113
Dalmatian face mask
Dalmatian black & white print – P62

Email or call 020 8947 9797


They are £10 including p&p. During 2020 I made a £1 per mask donation to a local charity.

£2000 Donated to the Dons Local Action Group

The Dons Local Action Group are providing all sorts of support for local people; from meals for elderly, isolated people, to computers for low income kids who need access to tech to help with their studies. They have been doing extraordinary things, so I think they are worthy recipients of this money and will put it to very good use.

Ali all wrapped warm even though she's inside!