Award Winning Boutique
Award Winning Boutique
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Essentials clothing items in-store at Bakou

Essential items for every wardrobe

We always have a large selection of your every day basics.

Mona Lisa and Robell stretch trousers and basic jerseys from Kasbah, Q’neel and Exelle create the perfect canvas to start creating your masterpiece!

Our ever popular narrow Robell stretch trousers are available in black, navy, white, khaki and french navy this season for only £45.00 and, for the first time, we are doing a 29" length in the black and navy as well. Mona Lisa summer weight narrow leg trousers (£105) and crops (£100) are in black and navy. White straight leg Mona Lisa's are also available for £90.

Robell pull on Marie jeans come in navy denim, light denim, black and white at £75.00 while the incredibly popular and very flattering Robell super stretch skinny jeans are also available in the same colours for £90.00.

Get your palette out and start painting!