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Bak2u - Tales from the shop floor…

Hello Bakou Belles! Welcome to my new Blog where I’ll be trying to keep you up to date with all the goings on at the shop and any news or ideas that I might have…without boring you rigid!

Autumn is in the air!

Where on earth did Summer go?! It seems everyone has been away, enjoying the sunshine at home and abroad, but it’s been all go behind the scenes here at the shop. I did get to have a break in June in glorious Kefalonia but that seems like a distant memory. 

Lovely Sylwia has left us to start a new career in teaching. We are missing her enthusiasm already but we know this is a good new opportunity for her and wish her all the best. Her shoes will be hard to fill but we have someone in the pipeline coming soon

Since returning it’s been go go go! A trip to Germany in July signalled the start of buying season…yes, buying for next Spring. And while my head was in ‘Spring 2020’ mode, my body was in ‘unpacking all the glorious new Autumn goodies’ mode! It’s not easy for a menopausal woman you know…all gets very confusing! But we’ve made it. As the final flings of summer draw to a close and the sale comes to an end, we are fervently emptying boxes and discovering many glorious delights for the new season. 

‘…we have plenty of light but cosy pieces that will be perfect for the slight drop in temperature’

Realising that Autumn no longer seems to herald particularly cold weather, we have ensured we have plenty of light but cosy pieces that will be perfect for the slight drop in temperature. Animal prints of all sorts are everywhere (which I love of course!). We have everything from zebra to snake to leopard (naturally) in all sorts of funky colours and the gorgeous Autumnal browns and caramels have made a return this year which complement them all beautifully.

‘…we have recently seen the return of Kasbah Clothing to our rails’

The start of a new season is always exciting for us. We love seeing the fresh new pieces and the reaction we’ve had already from those popping in to see what’s new has been fantastic.  As always the sumptuous Cut Loose ribbed tops are already flying out the door. And we have a new fleece like fabric from them too which is also already proving very popular – so so soft and snuggly!

Don’t forget we have recently seen the return of Kasbah Clothing to our rails! It has proven to be so incredibly popular, it virtually walks out the door the moment it lands. Heather’s incredible design flare and choice of beautiful fabrics definitely hasn’t disappeared! Make sure you don’t miss out!

We have put as many images on the website as we have been able to but more will be coming and never forget, there’s always more to see in the shop than we can possibly get on the website

Come and see us soon!

I hope you’re all well and happy and that you’ve had a fabulous Summer!

PS Don’t forget that if you park across the road, there are now parking regulations so please don’t get caught out! You get 20 mins free but you need to put a ticket in your window.