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Bak2u - Tales from the shop floor…

Hello Bakou Belles! Welcome to my new Blog where I’ll be trying to keep you up to date with all the goings on in my world; at the shop and at home, along with any news or ideas that I might have…without boring you rigid (hopefully)!

Challenging Times

Published 14 Mar 2020

Hello lovely ladies. Oh boy, life doesn’t get any easier does it? I sincerely hope you and your loved ones are staying well and safe.

It goes without saying that we would dearly love to see you in the shop although I also realise it might not be top of your ‘to do’ list. We can always send things out to you if you’d prefer. Just give us a call or email, although of course we have much more in the shop than is currently online.

I just want to take this opportunity to reassure you that we are not taking this situation lightly and we are taking every precaution to keep the shop clean and safe.

I just want to take this opportunity to reassure you that we are not taking this situation lightly and we are taking every precaution to keep the shop clean and safe. We are not a high-volume retailer so there aren’t hundreds of people around (unlike the supermarkets) and we are cleaning everything down all the time; surfaces, door handles, phones, credit card machine etc etc. We’ve been taking these measures for the last few weeks. Just to reassure you, none of us has been to any of the ‘hot spots’ or near any known carriers.

Keep calm and carry on shopping graphic

As an added incentive to come to see us, we’re offering a fabulous 20% off everything this week, just in time for Mother’s Day! Do come in, we’d really love to see you.

Stay safe everyone.

Much love.

Ali all wrapped warm even though she's inside!

Weather it is, or weather it’s not!

Published 26 Feb 2020

“In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.” Mark Twain

Ain’t that the truth?! Blimey it’s chilly out there right now! But, with the arrival of our Spring collections, my mind is turning to holidays and sunnier climes! Especially as so many of you are coming in for your Spring wardrobes with tales of your upcoming travels. Jealous? Moi? Maybe just a wee bit!

The recent delivery of the gorgeous Kasbah collection made me take a peek at Heather’s divine boutique hotel, Villa Dinari, just outside Marrakesh. It’s where she photographs her lovely collection and it really is a little slice of heaven! I know some of you have been and loved it and I had a wonderful time when I visited. Have a look and see what you think. No wonder she’s so creative living there!

Villa Dinari - view of the gardens
Villa Dinari - frontage

… don’t miss out on the new arrivals

We’ve had so many deliveries since the last photoshoot and the new bits will be on the website as soon as possible but don’t miss out on the new arrivals. Some gorgeous Pont Neuf has just landed too which never fails to fly out!

Spring and Summer are just around the corner…

Ali all wrapped warm even though she's inside!

Spring and Summer are just around the corner… that’s what my daffodils are telling me anyway! The days are definitely getting longer and soon we’ll all be moaning that we’re too hot. But that’s because we’re British and that’s what we do and no-one can stop us! 

See you soon

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…and I’m (almost) feeling good

Published 1 Feb 2020
New Dawn sunrise image

The Winter sale is ending, the new Spring collections are arriving, it’s stocktake time of year and I’m into buying season for Autumn/Winter 2020. Naturally that means my back decides to go into a massive spasm the day before I was heading off to Germany for a big trade show which made for an ‘interesting’ few days and a first-hand experience of airport assistance and German doctors (both of which I thoroughly recommend!).

I had to find some innovative ways to manage while I was out there, especially as the hotel wheelchair had flat tyres, so I was forced to walk everywhere…very, very slowly! But where there’s a will…and I couldn’t miss out on seeing all the Autumn/Winter collections, which I’m already getting excited about as there is so much gorgeous stuff around making it very difficult to choose. 

Ali in her make-shift wheelchair

A HUGE thank you to my amazing staff 

Since my return I’ve been pretty much bed-bound but feeling like I will be back on my feet very soon, thankfully. I want to take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you to my amazing staff for working even harder than usual and covering for me while I’ve been incapacitated. They are exceptional and I’m very lucky to have them!

Before my ‘demise’ we managed a photoshoot of some of the sensational new goodies that have already arrived and the website is now up to date with some of the gorgeous new pieces that are now in store. However, more boxes are arriving daily, so you’ll need to visit us to see everything we have. I’m really really pleased with this collection and I hope you will be too. You’ll see we’ve got loads of the ever-popular K J Brand Wash & Go crops and trousers in lots of great colours. Hopefully something for everyone as I know what an indispensable part of everyone’s Summer wardrobe these have become. There are also some matching vest tops this year and some shirts on the way too, but these haven’t arrived just yet. Arrival is imminent!

Robell Bella ¾ turn up crops…  in six great colours

I also listened to everyone asking for the Robell Bella ¾ turn up crops to return so that key piece of the Summer wardrobe is back too in six great colours, as well as in the stretch denim in black, white and navy.

Ali all wrapped warm even though she's inside!

I hope you’ll find that you’re spoilt for choice with this collection and we look forward to seeing you very soon!

Happy New Decade!

Published 2 Jan 2020

Happy new year lovely ladies!

I sincerely hope your new decade has started somewhat better than mine. I am currently lying in bed with a fever feeling very sorry for myself! But I had a lovely Christmas with family and friends so I mustn’t grumble.

Being on my ‘death bed’ hasn’t stopped me from making sure we’ve added more items to the sale and reduced many pieces to 50% off their original price so there are lots of bargains to be had before we fill the rails with new goodies. I’m trying to keep the website updated but there are more pieces in the shop too so make sure you come and see us when you can.

Happy New Year Graphic - with sad (not well) face

New Year’s resolution!

The new year always brings up the whole ‘resolution’ thing but as I’ve failed with every new year’s resolution I’ve ever made (usually to lose weight and get fit), I decided not to bother this year and to just stick to the idea of a year of positivity.

Ali all wrapped warm even though she's inside!

In the words of Roald Dahl, “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely”.

Have a lovely, shiny day/week/month/year ladies!